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Be a Radio DJ for Teens
If you are 15-18 years of age, you can train to volunteer for KPOV High Desert Community Radio in Bend. Teens completing this class will be qualified to host the Youth Radio Hour on KPOV. All students must attend the classroom session on Saturday from 9:00AM-11:30AM at COCC, followed by two studio sessions at KPOV. Studio sessions for teens are scheduled to correspond with KPOV's Youth Radio Hour, 3:30PM-5:30PM.      
Tom Barry & Dean Harris      Bend BEC 154        $49        
9/30 Sa                                  9:00AM-11:30AM
10/4 to 10/11 W                     3:30PM-5:30PM

Etiquette Essentials for Children              
This fun, hands-on, interactive class will introduce children to proper etiquette relating to situational contacts with people including home, sports, school, and daily interactions with the public. Students will gain valuable knowledge, and learn to demonstrate good table manners, set a proper table, and practice social/behavioral skills while eating at the table. Activities include role-playing and enjoying an interactive luncheon at Elevation, COCC's Cascade Culinary Institute restaurant. Each student will receive a 10% off coupon to Elevation for future dining to demonstrate to family and friends the skills that were learned. 
Ages 8-12
Samuel La Duca              Bend CUL 120                $49        
10/14 Sa                          9:00AM-1:00PM

Ages 5-7
Samuel La Duca               Bend CUL 120                $49        
10/15 Su                           9:00AM-1:00PM

What's For Dinner? Junior Chef Program - Wait List Only            
Sharpen your culinary skills in this series of six classes as you focus on culinary techniques to produce tasty and nutritious dishes. Each week students will produce three items to take home. The dishes will incorporate knife skills, sanitation, time management, and determining what to cook first. Students will then move on to basic pastry skills including accurate measurements, mixing and ingredient identification. Culinary techniques will include the foundation skills of stocks and soups and progress to braising, sautéing, and grilling. Each class will begin with a recipe review and demonstration. For students ages 12-15.     
Julian Darwin                     Bend CUL 117                $299
9/27 to 11/1 W                    2:30PM-6:00PM

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International Holiday Baking workshop for youth!

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