General Policy Manual

Index of General Policies at Central Oregon Community College

The following policies are board approved as revised. Index includes Academic Policies, Business Policies, General Policies, Committee Structure, Human Resources Policies and Student Policies. For information regarding the policy review and approval process, please contact the appropriate committee or see Policies: Review and Approval.

G-1-0 Advertising

G-2-0 COCC Beverages and Food Policies

G-3-0 Business Cards

G-4-0 Children on Campus

G-5-0 College Logo and Seal

G-6-0 Committee Structure

G-6-0 Committee Structure

G-6-1 College Policy & Other Committees

G-6-2 College Affairs Committee (CAC)

G-6-3 Academic Affairs Committee (AAC)

G-6-4 Student Affairs Committee (SAC)
G-6-5 Institutional Support Committee
G-6-6 College Curriculum Committee (Moved to G-6-3.2)
G-6-7 College Special Purpose Committees (Deleted)

G-6-8 Advisory Committee

G-6-9 College Administrative Committees

G-6-10 College AD HOC Committees

G-6-11 Employee and Student Groups

G-7-0 Drug Free Campus

G-8-0 Firearms

G-9-0 Gambling

G-10-0 Media Relations

G-11-0 Parking and Traffic

G-12-0 Pets on Campus

G-13-0 Posting

G-14-0 Moved to Own Section

G-15-0 Publications

G-16-0 Raffles

G-17-0 Skateboards, Rollerblades and Bicycles

G-18-0 Smoking

G-19-0 Speakers

G-20-0 Vaccinations

G-21-0 Stationery

G-22-0 Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources

G-23-0 Network Technology Resources

G-24-0 Identification Cards

G-25-0 Louis B. “Bart” Queary Lifetime Achievement In Higher Education Award

G-26-0 Signage

G-27-0 Secure Space Access Policy

G-28-0 Nondiscrimination, Sexual Misconduct/sexual Violence, Sexual Harassment, Non-retaliation And Confidentiality Policies

G-29-0 Administrator Of The Year Award

G-30-0 Academic Policies

G-31-0 General Business Policies

G-31-0 General Business Policies
G-31-1 Insurance
G-31-2 Tax-Sheltered Annuities

G-31-3 Professional Advice From Agents on Retainer

G-31-4 College Interest in Marketable Materials, Products, and Processes

G-31-5 Materials and Resources.

G-31-6 Fund-Raising

G-31-7 Acceptance of Gifts

G-31-8 Fiscal Services

G-31-9 Campus Services

G-31-10 Bookstore

G-31-11 Vehicle Use Policy
G-31-12 Unmanned Aerial Systems

G-32-0 Human Resources Policies

G-32-0 Human Resources Policies
G-32-1 Employment Policy

G-32-2 Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Non-Discrimination Policies

G-32-3 Employment of Family Members Policy
G-32-4 Mandatory Reporting - Child Protection Policy
G-32-5 Standards of Conduct Policy for College Employees
G-32-6 Drug-Free Workplace Policy
G-32-7 Consensual Relationships Policy
G-32-8 Sexual Misconduct Policy

G-32-9 Primary Responsibility Policy of College Employees

G-32-10 Recruitment Policies

G-32-11 Employee Evaluation Policy

G-32-12 Leaves of Absence Policies

G-32-13 Employee Personnel File Policy

G-32-14 Employee Recognition Policy

G-32-15 Resignation Policies

G-32-16 Benefits Policies

G-32-17 Compensation Policies

G-32-18 Moving Reimbursement

G-32-19 Staff Retirement Policies

G-32-20 Classified Staff Professional Development Policy

G-32-21 Sick Time Policy

G-33-0 Student Policies

G-34-0 Faculty Policies

G-34-0 Faculty Policies

G-34-1 Faculty Positions

G-34-2 Faculty Personnel Files

G-34-3 Criteria for Promotion, Tenure and Evaluation of Performance

G-34-4 General Responsibilities of All Instructors

G-34-5 Faculty Achievement Award for Full Time Faculty

G-34-6 Faculty Resignations

G-34-7 Initial Salary Placement

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