Why Residents Return

These are just a few of our current campus residents choosing to live in the new residence hall. Here is what they have to say about their experiences living on campus and why they are coming back.


Emily Resident Testimonial-Emily

I initially chose to live on campus to get to know my peers. There are so many different people on campus from different areas. It is great to get to know a variety of people, plus living on campus provides a good support system. I love having people around; it is really energizing.
When I was new, I was lost on campus so many times and the staff helped me find my way. They even helped me with picking and adjusting my class schedule! I am most looking forward to more space in the new residence hall! There will be a lot more open air to the hall and room to spread out.


AlexResident Testimonial Alex

I was from out-of-state and didn’t know anyone. Living on campus seemed like a good way to meet people instead of renting where you are secluded from campus and making friends.
I love that everything is close when you live on campus. I always have friends nearby and studying is so much easier because you have everything you need. I can stay focused. I am looking forward to having my own space in the new residence hall while still having friends around.


TrudiResident Testimonial Trudi

         My parents and I believed it would be an interesting learning experience to live with students that I have never encountered before. The convenience of the dorms was an important factor as well because getting to class is easier, and I am better able to take advantage of academic resources like the library and tutoring rooms. I have had the chance to meet many people and build long relationships, while also making new friendships with incoming students.
            The residence staff are fun and cool to talk to –they don’t mind joking around. They have helped me multiple times with school or my personal life in the dorms. The mountain view is the best part of the new residence hall! I am also excited to meet new students because more students in the dorms = more diversity = more insight and possibilities of friendships.

Makayla B.Resident Testimonial Makayla2

I chose to live on campus because it was easier than trying to find an apartment close to campus. I love that I have access to any building just about any time of the day. It is really convenient to have the library right there.

I am excited that I don’t have to share a bathroom with more than 3 other girls. I am also excited about the community kitchen because I really miss home cooked meals. I can’t wait for the views; I toured the new dorms and the views are amazing!

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